"Feet of clay"?
What does that even mean?

It's a phrase used to refer to our human weaknesses and imperfections. I named the website MY Feet of Clay because I'm so familiar with my own issues. I'm guessing that we share some of the same ones, though, so I'm creating video content for my YouTube channel to share what I'm learning. If you have flaws, too, click below.

Pleased to Meet You!

I'm Teagan Sears, a guy with issues. Thanks to a Close Encounter of the Swimming Pool Kind, my feet have failed me--along with most of the rest of my body. Even so, I'd rather have "drain bamage" than a terminally bad attitude. To keep my spirits up and to help you do the same, I'm posting content to make you smile, make you laugh, make you think, make your day. Follow me on your favorite social media platform to see if it works!

More about my life

As I travel through life I always want to keep my eyes open for what God may be trying to teach me

The "I Get To!®" Mantra

If I've learned anything from my wise friend Joan Endicott (JoanEndicott.com), it's that the difference between a problem and an opportunity depends entirely on my perspective. When I say, "I have to," that's negative thinking. When I change my attitude, "I get to" relish the opportunity to learn, grow and serve. Click here for help changing YOUR perspective.

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy (CP) refers to a collection of disorders resulting from brain trauma brought on by lack of oxygen. Often, these include poor coordination, weak and/or spastic muscles, and tremors. There may also be problems with sensation, vision, hearing, swallowing, speaking or even cognition.

When your feet cannot carry you
Where will you find a foundation?

Every life needs a firm foundation,
sometimes the people we trust can fail us.
That's why we need to look beyond people
to something that cannot fail...